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School Groups

Our school group provision has been reduced for 2023 to on site activities at the Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre and Elizabeth Castle only.

Local Schools

We can provide activities at the JAAC in archery, foraging and bushcraft, paintball and team building. These can be run on a round robin basis for a day of activity. Or, for an adventurous day of activity at Elizabeth Castle we can provide abseiling, archery, foraging, orienteering and team building games in our popular "Escape from Elizabeth Castle" event. 

Residential Activity Weeks

Being the only provider of Residential activity weeks including full board accommodation and adventurous activities on the Channel Island of Jersey, we are in the best position to give your group an experience they'll never forget. Jersey's original Adventure Company (Est 1993) has teamed up with the Jersey Accommodation and Activity Centre who provide Dormitory accommodation for up to 110 people, together creating a bespoke package which can include Museum and Heritage visits, activities and all transport from the minute you arrive on the island. Please enquire for your own bespoke package

Early booking recommended for peak season April - July

Watersports Day
Watersports Day
Escape Elizabeth Castle
Watersports Day
Watersports Day
Spiders Web
Watersports Day
Initiative Games

Local and Residential Activity Week Examples

Full Week Example Plan 1

Monday:        AM: SPLAT                      PM: Abseiling

Tuesday:       AM: Archery                    PM: Coasteering (Greve)

Wednesday:   AM: Boogie Boarding        PM: Rock Climbing

Thursday:       AM: Coasteering (Gorey)  PM: Bush Craft

Friday:             AM: SUP/Kayak                PM High Speed Rib Trip


The group will be with a minibus and a instructor ratio of max 1:7 participating in 2 activities per day.

Each group must be accompanied by a teacher.

Full Week Residential

Monday:           Beach Day

                               - Kayaking, SUP, Speed Boat Trips and Beach games

Tuesday:            AM: Coasteering  PM: Bushwalk

                       - The group will be split in half, switching over at lunchtime.

Wednesday:     AM: Mont Orgueil visit        PM: Activities at JAAC

                                                              - Selection of activities

Thursday:        'Escape Elizabeth Castle' activity day

                         - Abseiling, Initiative games, Target Sports, Raft Building

Friday:              AM: Jersey Way Tunnels    PM: St. Helier Visit

                                                    Evening: Disco



Price varies with your weeks bespoke plan

JAAC Residential Activity Centre

In the rural parish of St. Martins, Jersey

JAAC Entrance
Dormitory Accommodation
One of the dining areas
Dormitory Accommodation
Games Room
Hostel from corner of field
Looking back at the week
Outside Grounds
Lounge Room
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