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Rock Climbing

Prices for Rock Climbing

Adults - 30.00pp

One2One sessions £70.00

The coastal granite rock formations in Jersey form some of the best rock climbing sites in the UK. There are no queues and sites can be reached within 30 minutes. This challenging sport against mother natures natural beauty is an exhilarating activity.

Adults ONLY

Taster Sessions:

Our taster sessions last approximately 2.5 hours and are great for those who have little experience in rock climbing or visitors to the island. Taster sessions will be held at one of a couple of easy to access sites within Jersey's National Park. Please note that this is NOT available during the height of the season June-September.

Learn to climb course

Either a four session or weekend course covering the basics of climbing to ensure participants can undertake and follow on with their own climbing regime. The course covers essential knots, communication, setting anchors, top rope and trad climbing. Course fee £100.00 per person with a minimum of four and maximum of 6 participants. Bespoke packages by arrangement.


Minimum Age:

Adults only - min age 18

What to Wear:

 Clothing suitable to the weather, closed footwear, water and sunscreen.  If you own climbing shoes, feel free to bring them along.

  • All equipment except shoes provided

How to find Rock Climbing Jersey

Two of the main climbing sites that we use for Rock Climbing sessions include Grosnez in the parish of St.Ouen, and 'Tresspass Point' accessed by parking near the local prison in St.Brelades (marked on the map below).

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